Polymer Cleaning

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"Polymer Cleaning has never been so easy!"  That's what Polygone customers have said, year after year.   Polygone is a neutral pH polymer dispersant designed to get Polymer out of your way!  Polygone is manufactured in the USA!  Read on to find out how it's used.

POLYGONE simply works the best.


High Pressure Washer: Put concentrated POLY-GONE into a five-gallon pail and place the chemical suction line from the pressure washer into the POLY-GONE.  There is no air contaminate associated with POLY-GONE, therefore, heated washers can be used.   High Pressure Wash Polymer Coated Area!


Hudson Sprayer/Deck Washer:Put Polygone into Sprayer and fill with water.  Mix.  Spray polymer coated area or belts with POLY-GONE Solution.  Let stand 5-30 minutes.  You may use floor scrubber to speed up process.  DO NOT WALK on the polymer coated area.  IT MAY BE VERY SLIPPERY, at first.


Over-Flow with a Bucket:Put ½ gallon of Polygone into a bucket.  Use a hose end with no sprayer attached into bucket and fill up overflowing the Polygone solution onto the polymer contaminated area.   Leave solution on the area for 30-60 minutes depending on the complexity of the polymer.  Rinse area.  Agitate or scrape severe areas.  Rinse.  Repeat if necessary on complex areas.

Rinse area with clean water.


Inject directly into automatic spray systems: Consult Crystal Environmental for applications and dosages for specific equipment needs.  We provide some equipment free of charge or at cost for online systems.