Struvite & Vivianite Removal

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Struvite & Vivianite Removal

With over 15 years experience in the wastewater industry, we are the leader in the struvite and vivianite removal and prevention.


Our products are Neutral Ph.  They will not harm equipment, pumps, seals, rubber linings or parts.  They are the safest struvite removal chemistry for operators.  It will not harm the sensitive nature of the biological process in your plant.  Our products have no acids, caustics, solvents or ammonias.

We have also met the most stringent guidelines for the wastewater industry.

·        Passes Priority Pollutants at 4 times its application dosages.

·        Passes Acute Toxicity at 4 times its application dosages.

·        Passes Belt Fabric Test for those plants who use Belt Filter Presses and Gravity Belt Thickeners.

·        This chemical technology does not influence your waste stream by adjusting effective poly-charge values.

·        Application Dosages are minimal

·        16,000 : 1   or  20,000:1.

·        The effectiveness of this product is guaranteed at this dosage despite the quantity of struvite producing particulate in your waste stream.

·        Schaner’s may provide, at no cost to you, the equipment necessary to apply our products.