EPA Approved Septic & Grease Trap Processing Systems

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In the 1990's, we spent a lot of time in  wastewater plants.  Specifically, we demonstrated our infamous product, Polygone, on belt filter presses across the United States of America.  Every plant that had tanker trucks off-loading the "questionable" liquid waste had a very similar problem.  The belt filter presses ran poorly.

By introducing our product, Polygone, and its proper application, we were able to help them reach pinnacles of operation that were never before possible.  We were able to optimize their process with a quart of Polygone per hour and save the plants thousands of dollars in operational costs.

Looking at it from an operational perspective, we knew that there had to be a better way.  This was when we were inspired by a few individuals who were processing their own liquid waste.  "How would someone even begin?"  Look onward through our web-page (in our Pumper/Hauler section), and, like Paul Harvey says, "Now, you know the rest of the story!"